Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Keeping Your Car's Warranty Intact

Your car's warranty is a precious thing to lose, yet it is very common for individuals to unknowingly void with warranty.

Here are some common mistakes that people make:
  • Not reading their warranty: I know what you are thinking. Warranties are long, boring, and confusing. However, it is important to be familiar with your warranty and the recommended maintenance for your car.
  • Using the incorrect type of fluids
    • Follow the type of fluids that are specified in your owner's manual to ensure that your car runs efficiently.
  • Not keeping records and receipts from maintenance or going to an unqualified mechanic
    • Many people have their car serviced at a quick lube location or change their own oil, but having a paper trail of receipts is important in documenting the services performed on your car. If you have to file a warranty claim, it is important to have all receipts and records of your car's service history.
    • This can also help maintain your car's value for resale by having a record of all maintenance and repairs performed.
  • Modified tires or suspension
    • If you install a lift or lowering kit in your car's suspension and then have an issue with your car concerning the drive train or steering, your warranty claim could be denied.

While it is important to maintain your warranty, this does not prevent you from personalizing your car our making modifications. Just be aware that if there is a modification made to a specific part of your car and it fails, you may not be covered under your warranty. You can still be covered under your warranty as long as the parts you modified are not the cause of the problem. If you are considering modifying your car, contact us first for more information.