Friday, April 5, 2013

Am I Ready For A New Car?

So your car is looking a little old and dingy. Then, you see someone drive by in a shiny new car. The shiny paint and clean lines scream: “You Gotta Get a New Car!” Before you sign the dotted line, keep a few things in mind.
  • Do I have the money for a new car?: Unfortunately, cars are not free. We all have to make sure we have sufficient funds for our payments.
  • What is my trade-in value for my current car?: This could help defray the costs and take some money off your final bill.
  • How is my credit?: Having bad credit doesn't make it impossible to purchase a car, but it can make it a little harder. Often, you will need more money down on the car if your credit is bad.
  • Do I really need a “New” car?: If you just got a new car a year ago, chances are, you can make do with what you have. However, if your current car does not suit your needs, it is important to find a vehicle that does.
  • What are my priorities?: Does my current car provide enough safety, space, and fuel efficiency? Do I need a car with a back seat for when I have kids? Do I need a car with 4 wheel drive for when I go to Tahoe?
Purchasing a new car can be a fun and exciting process. Do your research and take a look at your finances. There are many factors that go into looking for a new car besides your color preference. Find the car that works the best with your wants, needs, and budget. It can really help to talk to a salesperson to find the vehicle that works the best for you.