Thursday, October 10, 2013

Even more tips to keep your car in great shape

We have now covered large and small tips, inside and out, but there is always more to be done. Let's continue striving towards our goal of keeping our car in top-notch shape by adding some exterior maintenance tips to our repertoire.

1.      Protect car paint from the sun:
There are many factors that contribute to the decomposition of paint but there are also many precautions that can be taken to prolong the wear and tear of your ride. While a great paint job is aesthetically pleasing, it does more than just appeal to you eyes. It acts as a first line of defense against rusted body panels. The easiest and most effect means of protection is to park your car in a garage when available. When you are away from home note that parking in shade can also be effective. The sun's ultraviolet rays increase the rate at which your paint job will deteriorate. If the garage is not an option, protective car covers can be used. These covers also work nicely because they can protect your car from bird droppings, dust, moisture, sun, and sometimes light impacts.

2.      Touch up scratches as soon as possible:
Be sure to keep some matching touch up paint in your glove box or at home to touch up any minor scratches or nicks. Unattended scratches that expose the underlying sheet metal of your car can quickly become rusted. When rust forms touch up paint won't adhere well to the rust. If rust does occur you may need to seek a professional automotive touch up painter.

3.      Fixing Windshield Chips:
Windshields occasionally acquire chips and cracks from rocks and other road debris. Often, these chips and cracks start small but can quickly grow larger and begin to run the length of you windshield. If however you notice a crack or chip in your windshield you can take it into a repair shop to be fixed. Repairing your windshield can prevent cracks from growing and cost far less than replacing the entire windshield.

4.      Use tape on light covers:
If you notice a cracked external light cover a bit of tape can help save you some trouble. If left unattended the light compartment can fill with water and moisture and cause additional damage. Use the red or orange tape designed for this purpose found in automotive stores.

5.      Keep an old blanket Handy:

If you often carry loads on the roof of your car keeping an old blanket in your trunk can come in handy. Laying the blanket down on your roof before tying down luggage, bicycles, or Christmas trees can help protect your rooftop from all sorts of scratches.