Thursday, September 26, 2013

Cooling-System Flush Service

Are You Loosing Your Cool?!
Traditional “Drain & Fill” Services Are Not Enough!

Does Your Vehicle's Cooling System Experience
ñ     Overheating
ñ     Constant Stop & Go Driving
ñ     Frequent Trailer Towing
ñ     Extreme Driving Conditions
ñ     Infrequent Radiator Services

The Problem
            Cooling-system failure is one of the leading causes of mechanical breakdown. Over time, antifreeze/coolant can degrade, causing a loss in it's protective qualities. This causes rust, sludge and scale buildup in the hoses, radiator, water pump, heater core and engine.
            The traditional radiator "drain-and-fill" service leaves approximately 50% of the contaminated coolant behind. The residue formed can interrupt the flow of coolant throughout the system. This can cause the engine to run hot and allow corrosion deposits to deteriorate the metal surfaces. Left untreated, overheating problems, internal leaks and possible system failure can occur causing costly repairs.

The Remedy:
            An experienced technician, using a specially designed machine, will perform a Cooling-System Flush Service. First, Cooling-System Cleaner/ Flush is added to the old coolant and circulated throughout the entire cooling system, suspending rust, sludge and scale. The vehicles cooling system is then attached to a machine which uses a pumping action to flush the entire system.

            During the next step, contaminants along with the used coolant are extracted. The system is then filled with new coolant. To complete the service, Cooling-System conditioners are added to help resist corrosion, lubricate the water pump and help increase the heat-transfer properties of the cooling system by dissipating heat more effectively.

This Service Can Help To:
  • Prevent Overheating Problems
  • Lubricate Water Pump
  • Prevent Minor Leaks
  • Avoid Costly Repairs