Tuesday, September 3, 2013

5 More Tips to Keep Your Car in Great Shape

In addition to the five tips from earlier, here are five more tips you can follow to keep your car in tip-top shape as long as possible:

1. Keep an auto log:
Use your car's odometer to check the mileage of your car at the time of your fill up (e.g. 10,000 miles). Next, fill your car up (completely full). Then, at your next fill-up, check your car mileage again (e.g. 10,300 miles). Finally, , note how much gas you use to fill your car back up (10 gallons). The difference between the two mileages (300 miles) divided by the number of gallons you fill up gives you the miles per gallon of your car (e.g. 300miles / 10gallons = 30 mpg). Additionally, , being more conscientious about your gas consumption can help you conserve more gas and thus more money.. Keeping an auto log to record your gas fill-ups and mileage can help you detect early signs of problems; if you notice worsening gas mileage, contact a service adviser to address the problem.

2. Park in the shade:
Although a garage would be the ideal place to park your car,, parking in the shade is advisable to minimize interior damage caused by UV sunlight. If parking under trees leads to bird droppings, using an interior collapsible car shade can minimize the sun's damage. As a result, you will have a car that is cooler on hot sunny days, requires less AC usage, and lasts longer.

3. Clean the inside too:
At first glance, the exterior cleanliness of our vehicle may be the most noticeable thing. However, the exterior appearance is quickly forgotten as we step inside our vehicle. The inside of our vehicle is where we spend all our time, and yet it can easily be the most neglected aspect of a clean car.. Try to vacuum and sponge your interior every time you wash your car.. Spilled liquids, dirt, and oils can be corrosive to your car's interior, and you should vacuum your interior thoroughly with a powerful vacuum, using attachments to reach difficult places. You can wpe down plastic and vinyl surfaces with cleaning solutions that you can pick up at your local dealership.

4. Let floor mats take winters beating:
You can use floor mats to help maintain the cleanliness of your interior as well. Rubber mats can take the best beatings and are ideal for easy mud and dirt clean up. Carpet mats work as well, but may require a little more maintenance and scrubbing to keep clean. When mats begin to wear through or are beyond keeping clean, they can easily be replaced.

5. Wash mats:
Now that your are remembering to clean the interior of your vehicle as well, let's discuss how to clean your floor mats. The easiest way to clean them is with a de-greaser and a pressure washer to blast all the dirt and build-up off. If a pressure washer is not available, you can vacuum the mats and follow up with some scrubbing and rinsing from a hose. Be advised: while using soap on mats can help remove stains, the soap may not be so easy to remove. As a result, you may want to try a stain remover and follow the given directions. Lastly, , be sure to let the mats air out thoroughly before putting them back in.