Friday, June 12, 2015

Hanlees is now solar powered!

Our commitment to being a company that cares about the environment goes far beyond selling electric vehicles: we just finished adding solar panels to every Hanlees building, including our corporate office. The project, an installation of 3,957 solar panels, will give us the capability to produce enough energy to completely power all of our buildings (an estimated annual annual energy production of 1,690,000kwh).

Installation began at Davis Toyota, where we're taking advantage of more than just the roof of our building: the first phase of our solar installation can be seen on our lot, with a car port that holds 48 solar panels. After that, we added 1,005 solar panels to the roof of our building--essentially covering every available flat surface in solar panels. Since then, we've added panels to every building in both Davis and Richmond.

But our buildings aren't the only thing that are solar powered at Hanlees--the 2015 Prius has an available solar roof that uses embedded solar panels on top of the car to power an electric fan that keeps the inside of the cabin cool when it is parked--not only making your entry back into the vehicle more comfortable, but saving the amount of energy required to cool off your car when you start it up.

Additionally, the Nissan LEAF SL has a photovoltaic solar-panel rear spoiler that converts sunlight into energy to help power vehicle accessories.

View more photos of our solar installation

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