Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Car Ride Games - Part 1

            Long rides in the car can vary within a large spectrum of  entertaining and exciting to painfully dull. The accompanying passengers, final destination, and length of the journey can all play a factor in quality of the ride. Provided below are a list of some popular road trip games to help pass the time.

1.)  Color Hunt – At the beginning of the trip each player chooses an uncommon type of color ( pink, yellow, orange, purple, ect.).  To avoid confusion try to avoid some of the odd or ambiguous colors such as scarlet or lavender. Throughout the trip players keep track of how many cars they see painted the color they have chosen and receive a point for each one.
ALTERNATE RULES 1: Players can steal points from one another if they spot and call a car of another passengers color.
ALTERNATE RULES 2:  One person chooses a color. The other passengers continuously count out loud each time they see a car (or object) of that color. Whomever counts the 10th / 20th / or any other predetermined number wins!

2.)  Secret License Plate Message - Pretend  each license plate contains a secret message and try to decipher it. For example  “ETE 830” could stand for “Elephant Tamer Enthusiast 8 days a week 30 hours a day.”

3.)   Fortunately, Unfortunately: One passenger shares a statement beginning with the word, “fortunately.” Another passenger then follows the statement with the word “Unfortunately.” For example one passenger might start by saying “Fortunately, I packed everyone lunch before we left.” and another might follow up with “Unfortunately, a bear broke into the house and ate all of it.” Have fun with the phrases and try making up some absurd combinations.

4.)  Buzz Word – At the start of the trip determine a word or a mixture of words that will be forbidden for the remainder of the trip. (Choose common words such as “Mom” or “Dad”, the more common the word the more difficult and entertaining the game becomes.)
ADDITIONAL RULE: Hand out 10 paper clips or other markers to each player. Whenever someone says a Buzz Word, the first player to exclaims “BUZZ!”  gets to take a paperclip (or marker) from the offender.  

That's all for now. Check in later when we continue our list of automotive entertainment.