Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Protecting Your Car From Morning Frost

It happens when you least expect it. You have the guts to get yourself out of bed in the morning, leave the warm safety of your blankets, and enter the freezing world outside only to have your car look like a popsicle when you're ready to go. Little did you know that while you were comfortably sleeping in your toasty bed, your car was out in the cold winter air, exposed to frigid temperatures all night long. Give it some love and give it some time, after all, you can't get to work driving an igloo.

Here are some tips to defrost your exposed automobile during the winter:

Park it in a garage!

Yeah, this seems like a no-brainer. Find a garage. Borrow your friend's garage. Borrow your neighbor's garage. Keep in mind that it's advised, but not required, that you tell your friend or neighbor about your plans. If you don't, at least make them some pancakes when you show up asking for them to kindly open their garage door. This is the most surefire way to prevent your car from freezing over.

Park in a garage-like place!

Ok, so you don't have a generous friend or neighbor with an open space in their comfy personal parking lot. That's fine. Imitation is the best form of flattery. Stop mopping around wishing you had a garage and start adopting the mindset of a poser. Forget those fancy garage owners! Nature is your garage! If you park your car in an enclosed space, protected from wind, the chances that your car will be frosted over in the morning greatly decrease. This can be anywhere from an alleyway, to the middle of a grove of trees. Find shelter! Think of it as returning to your basic caveman instincts.

Spend Money!

That's right. The best things in life aren't free. Spend a little on your frostbitten vehicle and buy it a sweater to cuddle up in. It's the least you can do. Enough with the bling, your car looks coolest when not encased in ice. There are many products out there: from windshield protectors, with flashy names like 'Winter Warrior' and 'Motor Trend', to complete car jackets. Your car will thank you for buying it something nice by not freezing your butt off when you try to get to work.

Stop being lazy!

And bust out a squeegee and some cold water. It's time to swallow your pride and scrape off the ice like a true arctic commuter. But take it easy hotshot, using warm or hot water to melt away the ice will most likely cause your windows to crack. (It's called thermal expansion. Check it out.) Also, if you are still in the cash spending mood, there are special solutions for beating the frost without breaking your windshield. You can also mix water with vinegar for an extra potent ice-melting potion. So just suck it up and let everyone see you in your pajamas, bravely battling the elements. Who knows, if you scrape off enough, you might be able to throw a good snowball or two at your arrogant garage-owning buddies.

Photo c/o: https://plus.google.com/u/0/110072237719234546165/posts/TKsxGCYTg4M