Wednesday, April 1, 2015

E-Waste Recycling Event at Hanlees Napa Subaru and Volkswagen

Stop by Hanlees Napa before April 30th, 2015 to drop off your unused IT equipment!!

Items Acceptable for Collection
- LCD Monitors (Flat Panel TVs, Computers)
- Cell Phones (Smart Phones and iPhones)
- Laptops
- Tablets and iPads
- CRT's up to 40" (Tube TV or Monitors)
- Video Games/Consoles
- Fax Machines
- DVD/VCR Players
- Printers
- Computer Peripherals
- Switches/Routers
- Cords and Wires

Items Unacceptable for Collection:
- Alkaline Batteries
- Ballasts
- Kitchen Appliances
- Light Bulbs/Tubes

How does it work?
All donations will be collected, packaged, and transported to a secure facility for full reporting. You can rest assured that there is certified data destruction, and stringent global security standards for the processing of all donations. 
The donations will be sorted for recycling or reuse.